About Us
   Chef “JB” James L. Brown C.E.C., A.A.C., is an award- winning and world-renowned chef known by all his friends and colleagues as “J.B.”.  He started his culinary career 43 years ago in Portland, Oregon.  Over the years he has traveled & worked extensively building a repertoire of over 200 different styles of cooking.  In 1989 he relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to assist the culinary team at the famous Excalibur Hotel and Casino, which feeds over 32,000 meals daily.  He then opened the Sands Expo & Convention Center as the Executive Chef. While there he served three Comdex conventions, the largest convention in the world, with over 270,000 delegates and meals in a 5 day period of time.     In 1993 J.B. founded "Catering By the Chefs, Inc.".  J.B. considers his main forte serving large amounts of meals in multiple locations.  J.B. also helped in the inaugural opening of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s Winston Cup Race with over 130,000 meals served.  He is currently President and CEO of CJT Flapjacks LLC which owns and operates a Full Service Catering Company called “The Chefs Catering”
    J.B.’S love is community service organizations and feeding the homeless regularly, for an inner-city rescue mission.  He has been Instrumental in helping "Chef & Child" and "Chef for Kids In Las Vegas" raising over a million dollars in 19 years.  Following are some of his accolades, positions he has held, and awards he has received.

First Apprentice for On The Job Training for Chefs G.I. Bill 1973

Hotel & Motel Association of Oklahoma Chef of the Year 1984

Chaired the first Chef and Child Gourmet Auction 1991

Nation Little Oscar Award 1992

Western Regional Director of Chef and Child 1992-1994, By-Laws 1998-2000

National Presidential Medallion for Service 1998

American Academy of Chefs Inductee, Chicago 1999

Past President and Chairman of the Board, Fraternity of Executive Chefs of Las Vegas, A.C.F.

Call: (702) 806-5141

Our Vision
To be a leader in the hospitality and catering industry for the greater Las Vegas and Nevada Regions by providing excellent food, timely service, friendly staff, and affordable prices.

Our Mission
Providing quality meals and service to our customers, friends, and neighbors in a timely and cheerful manner.  Also, to be of service not only to our clientele, but the community we live in as well.

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